you think you know …

you think you know …

But you have no idea.

This is the Diary of JadedHalo.

A little insight on How Music and Movies shape My life. 

‘Pretty Woman,’ My favorite movie of ALL TIME.  Made Me feel empowered long before I was a sex worker.

“Jaded,” by Aerosmith is where I garnered My moniker.  Halo comes from My deceptively “innocent,” and angelic features.  Breaking boys and annihilating Egos, also happen to be Aphrodisiacs for ME.

Hence My original Tagline “Face of an Angel – Mind of a Sadist.” in 2004.

“Misery Business,” by Paramore is where I adopted My Tagline “I’m in the Business of Misery,” in 2007.

More Fun Facts to come!  Remember boys, there might be a Quiz.  There will be a Test.

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