Recently, I’ve received countless DM’s and e-mails regarding the “price” of various “services.” I find it peculiar that someone seeking a Financial Dominatrix and *genuinely perusing My website could think that I practice FinDom in such a manner.  Nevertheless, it seems this code of conduct has become completely commonplace and unbelievably acceptable throughout modern-day findom. So, Let Me be clear.
When money is sent to Me, it is ALWAYS in the form of “Tributes,” Never “Payments.”
Perhaps you are still confused?  I’ll break it down further, for you. A payment heavily involves an exchange; Reciprocal giving and receiving, for an object and/or service. That does NOT FinDom make.  I offer submissives – no thing; other than being useful TO ME. You see, I receive TRIBUTES, which are very very different. Tributes are freely given to Me as a sign of a submissive’s devotion, as a tangible symbol of submission, a monetary means by which the sub is able to acknowledge My Superiority, and dutifully demonstrate his/her humble respect for Me as Queen Bee. What do submissive slaves receive for their tributes? First and foremost, they receive the satisfaction of having pleased Me. Secondly, the honor of contributing financially to My deservedly luxurious lifestyle. After all – I AM a Goddess! – And
a Goddess SHOULD live extravagantly off of the proceeds from the work of her slaves.
I know that My devoted drones work hard to earn the money they send in tribute, and I know that they implore Me to spend that money on whatever I WANT – no matter how extravagant and self-indulgent that desire may be. Naturally, the more a submissive financially illustrates his/her devotion and submission to My Perfectly Jaded Self, the more generous I am in allowing him/her to be a part of My world. When a submissive relinquishes control of his/her financial resources to Me it is not a payment – it’s a privilege. Finally, as O/our Goddess/slave relationship grows, there are a variety of incredible “rewards” that I generously bestow from time to time on standout subs who make the #JadedHonorRoll: e.g. Excruciatingly Beautiful iCandy, Hypnotic mind-bending audio recordings, Exquisitelysurreal sessions, Exclusive One-on-one training +chat, the Expensive opportunity to take Me on shopping sprees  +MORE. And for My devoted money slaves, that is the most blissful reward imaginable! So – Tributes* – Yes, Of course. But paymentsNever.