I received an impeccable portrait painted by the world-renowned FemDom artist Sardax. This treasure came to Me as a gift from a long-term submissive suitor. Through discussion among Sardax, My suitor, and Me, W/we undertook to create a timeless work of art. Relying on Sardax’sprodigious painterly talent to execute O/our vision, I am sure you will agree that W/we achieved that goal.

What Sardax has depicted here is a symbolic articulation of My relationship with slaves: The crowd of worshipful minions flocking to My cyber domain, staring in from afar, practically panting for attention; waving wads of cash like great fans to cool and conciliate their Queen; only dreaming of the day they receive acknowledgement.


The servants shown inside My quarters are alive with trepidation, honor and awe. They have achieved that which once seemed unattainable: the chance to experience the Divine. They know that every second they breathe My air is transient and holy.

The bellboy / tissue dispenser bows to Me, humbled, as I use his puny head as a human tissue box and wastebasket. The slave presenting Me with My makeup tray is a particularly pusillanimous peasant. The perceptive perfectionist Sardax has accurately painted fear on this servant’s awestruck face as he timidly gazes upon his Glorious Goddess. The two of these wildly fortunate pipsqueaks clearly realize their place in My palace. Like brushes and canvas to a painter, submissives are My tools, and true to artists of any medium, I absolutely must have the best tools. By pushing My pets past self-imposed, artificial limitations, they can improve themselves only by making themselves weaker, more vulnerable, more servile, and more obedient. It is only through their complete debasement that they reform themselves as more enlightened, devoted slaves, prepared to experience the Divine. Indeed, as a master of My craft. My mental sorcery penetrates even the darkest corners in the minds of men, My Halo bringing to light parts of them that had laid dormant for an entire lifetime. After their experience with the Divine, they know that to kneel before Me is to live their fullest life. And they will never experience a sweeter moment than being used by their exquisite Jaded Halo. I derive the most satisfaction during the moment when this dawns on a submissive.

Even on canvas, I shine. To see Me is akin to watching the sun fall gracefully behind a bland horizon. In fact, several similarities exist between the celestial sun and I. We both exude brightness and beauty unrivaled by anything beneath Us. We reside high above the rest of you and are tantalizingly elusive in Our ever-elevated state. Each descending on occasion only to evaporate from sight and leave admirers craving just one more glimpse of the Striking Jaded Halo. And We are each so luminous that looking directly at either, even for just a brief moment will burn Our image into your brain. I am unforgettable. I am comparable only to the sun but outshine it without question. I am The Brightest Star, A Walking Sun on this dreary earth, Royalty among peons. Ever-ruling, ever-glowing, I am The Jaded Halo.