Save Money for ME!

GoodWill is GREAT for you!


The average consumer spends about $1,750 a year on clothing and its upkeep. Stop buying new clothes, shoes and the like ! you don’t deserve ANYTHING NEW !


Be thrifty ! Shop at Goodwill, Salvation Army and other thrift stores.  Dumpster Dive and check the FREE section in your local paper.


After you sell all of your furniture, you may have the privilege of finding some free junk to spruce up your new dog cage.

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Ditch the Dependents!


Now that you’ve found Me, there’s no reason for you to have a family!


I’m your best friend, your mother, your Savior, your SUN AND your MOON! your life revolves around Me now, and those cash-sucking zombies need to be zapped out of the picture!


No girlfriends, no wifeys, nada ! It’s Mine – ALL MINE!

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Spring Clean & Sell!


Sure, you may be pathetic but who knows – you could be sitting on a veritable goldmine that’s MINE!


Get your lazy ass off the computer, dig through your closets, cabinets and garage. Put all the crap you no longer need in a “MUST SELL FOR GODDESS” pile!


If it’s spring/summer – hold the mother of garage sales for MOI! If it’s just too cold to pawn on the lawn, become an Ebay powerseller! Auction, auction, auction! you never know what that old piece of junk could NET Me!

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“she took all the things of life for hers to choose from and apportion, as though she were continually picking out presents for herself from an inexhaustible counter.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald