The RATCHED assignment


In this lesson you will be tested on the catalyst/ inspiration for My latest LATEX themed photos.  RATCHED on NETFLIX (  IDGAF IF: you don’t have Netflix.  Or dislike the show. ) The RATCHED photoset must be earned.  Not *Only will you PAY but you will put in the EFFORT to entertain Me.

NOTE:  Assignments and Quizzes are .pdf – be sure you have the necessary software to access the file.

Step 1: 

Purchase The RATCHED Quiz +Pass (7/10 questions) 

Step 2: 

Kneel +Submit your Quiz for Grading.

Step 3: 

(if you PASS)  — you’ll PAY Homage to retrieve your PASS PRIZE +Permission to WORSHIP and Access MY RATCHED photos.

( If you FAIL) — you’ll PAY a FAIL FEE.  Be aptly Reprimanded and DENIED Access to WORSHIP Photos,  +Required to Repurchase and RETAKE the Quiz. 

Hey Now

The world is in a state of PANIC, and disarray but for Me and My FINDOM girlfriends, life iOS pretty much – business as usual.  Don’t misinterpret that as a poo-poo to the condition of society right now, people are sick, more people are dying and that’s sad.  Everyone should do their part in preventing the spread. 

So I ENCOURAGE you to stay home, and WORSHIP +Social distancing, and keeping your hands to yourself.  Preferably wrapped around your dipstick while worshiping a true deity

Speaking of WORSHIP, LISTEN UP :  If you’ve attempted  to purchase manIPULATIONS through Niteflirt as of today – you’ve been denied by default while I refresh and restock New Content. Vintage Worship Material and manIPULATIONS have Retired to the Jaded Vault.  

In other news, It’s raining and not  most ideal time to go outside but My passion is stronger than any type of weather, of course – and I have this beautiful umbrella that adds to My style when I get out of My car anyway!

MORE Goodies from the a-team started showing up today!  Lots of BCBG Express FedEx….yum!  I got a lovely Polka dot party dress that really shows off My LONG Legs., a Yellow T-shirt Dress, Two BCBG ponchos, Four new pair of runners a few tank tops, and some makeup / skincare products from Sephora.



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