As I bask in the warm sun, I am beyond deliriously happy ! So, I was feeling generous enough to share snippets of My splendid existence with you fawning fetish admirers. ?

My summer travels have been incredibly awe-inspiring, and significant to date !  If you have not been devotedly paying and suffering for Me, then you probably weren’t privy to the fact that I’ve been away from the Hive. — I recently took a road trip to Maryland for a Jack Johnson concert, popped into NYC to see Swan Lake at the MET.  And did a three-day stint in D.C. with some old friends from school I haven’t seen in YEARS ! { I practically squealed when I saw them, as these girls and I did some major stomping of the city   [ and boys ! ] together when I lived in Maryland ! ? }  It was a nifty and nostalgic reunion !  Likewise, I dropped significant chunks of My Holy Honey { formerly known as your money } at various nightspots, restaurants, and shops around Georgetown.  Honestly, haphazardly having a blast on your dime is the BEST !

In other news, there’s a good deal of drive-by worshippers lately – which is great, it supports My every high-maintenance whim ! — I collected $300.00 from a shy guy who wishes to remain anonymous. { No problem, shy guy, but you WILL continue to serve rigorously !  Moving forward, I want a minimum of $200.00 from you, every week. ? } — 
sissychristie, dutifully made her first contribution.  It took some time for her to take the plunge, but $400.00 later, I am pleased. { It’s a decent start, so don’t be a stranger sissy ! ? } — azfootbitch was allowed to foot a few bills to the tune of approx. $225.00 { I’ll be putting you to use again SOON bitch ! ?? } — weakwhitedog had the honor of fetching a few TOP WANTS, and approx. $275.00 in idle tributes.  Ironically, I have become an addiction for which he’s actively seeking therapy ! ? What a Comical WASTE of CASH ! The therapist seemingly listens [ compassionately ] and then bills the bitch for their “time together.”  Whereas, I tease and mock him [ with equal passion ] and simply TAKE what I want ! Now, doesn’t a playdate with ME sound way more fun ? ?  At any rate, despite his feeble attempts, the bitch CAN’T resist My Perfect Visage, especially when in subspace ! { Perfection always WINS. Isn’t that right, mutt ? ???! } — I also procured $700.00 from a perverted grandpaslave ! { Pony Up MORE, grandpa ! I want to have a wickedly bratty shopping spree at your expense ! ? }  — Though drive-bys are entertaining to drain; it’s been a while since I’ve acquired a money masochist who is truly ready to submit and commit to long-term financial servitude & intimate mental manipulation. ? Don’t get Me wrong; fast cash is lovely ! But, genuine FLR’s and D/s relationships are another affair completely; Utterly unique and deeply enriching ! A living, breathing act of worship. ??

– – –

Regardless of trite, patriarchal rhetoric, in this world, women run the show.  And since you’re still here, you should be well aware that in My, I run the show … magnificently at that.  My supremacy exerts a force powerful enough to crumble even the strongest of men.  Because I was born a Goddess and being such, is effortless and magical ! ✨ Accordingly, you were born a lowly male creature.  Therefore, your job is to work, toil, sweat and pen/pencil/phone push so that I don’t have to. — Moreover, those who fall short of meeting My financial expectations should sincerely consider a second job.  Deliver pizza part time and practice saying “would you like fries with that ?” — Nothing is beneath you when you serve at My feet.

Per contra, being My mindful minion does have its rewards.  Starting in August, the can look forward to weekly broadcasts !  Oh ! Fuck Yessss !  Lovesick suitors may Worship the HOLY Trinity that is; Me, Myself and I — LIVE.  It’s going to be wildly electrifying for Me to warp your mind, to hook you, to deny you, to taunt you, to tease you, to ignore you, and strategically plant seeds that will invade your psyche, FOREVER. ? Fantastically exciting news isn’t it ?!  Spread the word, ye little altar boys !  Goddess is GOOD !  No, GODDESS IS GREAT !  Take this for example, when I’ve grown tired of a pair of pumps, worn the soles on My sandals, beaten down My boots, or somehow pierced My pantyhose.  I will often bestow My pets the privilege to worship such pristine apparel physically, in the flesh.  Picture, if you will, My long chocolate legs towering over you { and your inadequacies } a Grand vision of transcendental Beauty encased in the very nylons you humbly hold.  Close your eyes, and imagine the lingering hint of sweaty feet as you lift My well-used shoes to your snout and deeply inhale the essence of My Jaded Halo.  But, don’t be ridiculous, darling.  It’s an experience that the majority of you pitiful pud-pounding puddles of testosterone creeping My domain, will likely never have. — Because the most precious jaded gems are merited only by noble, purpose serving, gift buying, top tributing, hopelessly devoted disciples. ?
– – –

Lastly, I’ve created devastatingly enslaving New Worship material for the compulsive manifestation of your growing adoration !  If you have not been blessed with the newest ‘Cashmere Coquette ’ & ‘ Taste the Rainbow ‘ photosets –  Indeed, your life is lacking severely.

Here’s a bit of sustenance for you, the underprivileged:


Assume the position.
BEG for abuse.
And PAY to – drink My Kool-aid.

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