Sunday April, 22

Good Sunday Morning, world ! ☀?

Currently Playing Around The Loft : Beyoncé Lemonade. ????

// 12:34 on Sunday, April 22nd. // Soaking Up the Sun !


A little Jaded Trivia – I have One tattoo. ( at the moment ) What, and where is it located on My body ? 🙂 if you think you know, answer in the comments below !

Saturday April, 21

Clicky, click.  Testing twitter analytics…   wankers creeping My social media – At the very least, you WILL be traffic.  😉

It’s late, but the Loft is spotless.  My linens are freshly laundered and My big fluffy bed is calling its Goddess.  More exciting announcements to come, tomorrow. { Sunday FUNDAY ! }

I hung My dreamcatcher and I LOVE it !! // Now, off to catch some Zzz’s // Goodnight world !

P.S. – If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know I’ve been a fiend for Salads lately.  Well, a kid at the market today was happy to burst My “summer body” bubble with this little tidbit; 90% of romaine lettuce, recalled for E-coli.  W.T.F? Grrr, Guess I missed the memo!


During a recent surfing escapade, which innocently started with eyeing new bedroom furniture – I happened upon this.  How did My search for the perfect boudoir lead to such a touching article ??  ?   L/let’s just chalk it up to the fascinating journey that is the Net.  So Yes, I’ll admit that by mac’s meandering standards. I am a ruthless scam.  I am unethical by anyone’s “normal” benchmark and utterly self-involved. I will place suggestions in recordings that are entirely crafted to melt your mind into Mine and leave you unable to be weened. I will manipulate you to get what I want, and you may not even be aware that I’m doing so.  But then again, you may.  And you might enjoy it. ?

Over the weekend, I decided to take the monopoly money I’d been hoarding out for a spin.  It’s been too long since I had a “real-time” haul ( well, something like three weeks, I believe !? )  At any rate, I had a blast shopping for Spring!  I bought a lovely Pale Pink trench coat, a Yellow “Peace on Earth “ T-shirt, and a pair of striking high waisted, Red slacks.  I also picked up a few tops that share a similar powder blue hue, and some makeup/skincare products from Sephora.  Speaking of My ever-growing, Exquisite wardrobe, I still need a few things to finalize My fetish look and overall vision for the shoot I have planned.  Imagine, a tiny white shirt, plaid schoolgirl mini-skirt, white panties and white knee-high socks. Oh, Yes !  Who said a wolf couldn’t dress in sheep’s clothing ?

Monopoly Money Mini Haul

On to this week’s jaded honor roll: #cds – put his $1500 where it rightfully belongs – in MY ACCOUNT.  #grandpaslave – dropped $450 +$100 TugTax ( atrophy is what happens to it. Hahahaha. ) #zero – forked over his typical $300  ( what a bizarre accompanying email, perhaps I’ll share some of the gems I find inbox soon. )
 #lardbelly – coughed up $200. ( tonight’s dumpster diving. porky: GROSS PUKE !!! ) #azfootbitch – sent $100+ to My favorite account, always with gratitude. ( Princess’ misc. bill bitch really knows how to get USED ! ) There were several other tributes from various boys – some I know, some I do not.  I noticed.  You’re simply not worth mentioning right now.

I drank a lot of wine with supper and fell asleep before 11PM last night.  I missed several Niteflirt calls.  But, I was pleased with the well mannered pets who were able to get through.  Communication with Me should always be polite, using a tone and using phrasings that make it clear that My position of Superiority is NEVER forgotten.  For those I did not speak to – there’s no need to toss yourself off a building just yet.  I’m feeling exquisitely cruel.  Money masochists may look for Me on Niteflirt Tonight after 9 PM EST.

It’ll hurt, I promise.

Call Button

ext: 10070933

NOTE : If you’ve attempted to purchase manIPULATIONS through Niteflirt,  as of today you’re denied by default while I refresh and restock New Content.   So what you’re going to do is sit there patiently, and wait.  And if you can’t help but spin, you may check My Listings multiple times a day for updates.  In fact, Skip your lunch hour and let your belly burn with hunger while you attempt to get a little MORE of Me in your system.

Ciao junkies !

…… p.s.

In an effort to streamline the jadedWANTlist, I have only listed My TopWANTs.  As your Superior, Everything that I desire, I will possess.  And as you know and accept into your life as ultimate truth, I want what I want when I want it and you, le beast of burden, are the one who provides!  Now get to shopping.

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