So it begins …

With gratitude for yesterday, awareness for today and faith for the future; life becomes sprinkled with fairy dust and moments start weaving together a silver thread. There’s magic in the air; it’s in the beat of O/our hearts, the life on this earth and the dreams W/we create. Stay light.

“To begin, begin.” – William Wordsworth

… 2018, Let’s DO this. !!

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Midnight Memoirs

Dearest little addicts of the general variety.  Have you been waiting for My next installment of debauchery ? Wondering …. What is that Perfect Specimen of a Dominant Beauty doing right now ?  Exactly what She set out to do :

Demand.  Obtain.  Conquer !

Lately, I’ve been busy with vanilla business ventures and projects outside of My Holy Hive. Nevertheless, I finally found some time to scribe a proper tell-all of My latest deviant deeds.  ?✍?

As for current conquests, one of My most well-mannered worshipers recently returned to the jaded sanctuary. — I allow a_slave to serve Me sporadically because he happens to be a genuine submissive and consummate money masochist. { i.e., offering significant and consistent tributes, complete devotion, unfailing obedience and a thorough consideration of all of My desires. } his first tribute was intoxicating $750.00, the whimpering was gourmet +$1750.00, and the begging that ensued was heavenly +$3650.00, but it was the desperation or panic that truly sent Me to Domme Space. ☄️ Mmm Yes, Sheer panic +$6100.00 ! ?? Understandably a_slave starts to become a bit overwhelmed, so he has to step back and take a breather/break. { As well as replenish the tens of thousands I’ve taken from him. ? } — I swiped $600.00 from grandpaslave. { the geezer was pathetically pleading with Me to ” milk him dry ! ” I contemplated for a moment, then decided, why rush ? A slow burn is so much more torturous for him and enjoyable for the Sadist in Me. ??? } 
– shy guy sent $250.00 in a failed attempt to ” leave the lifestyle.” { remember, shy guy, your ego has no place in My Luckily for you, I fancy bending pseudo “macho men” to My will, using their desire and thirst for My attention. Further deconstructing, rebuilding, and reprogramming them into robo “yes boys.” ? { I even welcome a challenge, because L/let’s face it, I don’t lose. ?? } — azfootbitch covered this week’s misc. tabs to the tune of $200.00 { *twirls* the Life of a Spoiled Princess ! ? } — 
Approx. $500.00 from sissychristie, My new cock-gobbling whore !  { I directed her to to scout out studs and chat about how much she craves giant cock.  The total damage : $483.87
; Watching her suck a dirty ol’ dick and Laughing in delight : PRICELESS. ? } —  cds dropped a swift $1K into My cash account, and surprised Me with gorgeous flowers that fill the air with sweet notes of honey, YUM ! ?? { feeling celebrated – vehemently, and consequently wickedly benevolent, I sent cds to work in panties, with a message on his inner thigh, and My picture in his pocket. I can’t wait to hear about how painful, and productive his work day was ! ? } It’s all in the way you churn their bitty brains … Chop and mush … Implant and trigger. ??

On to pressies ! ❣️?  { I ADORE getting goodies in the mail !  It just feels so RIGHT to be swarmed with gifts from My worker bees !  It’s like I open the box and a choir of angels sing ! ?✨?? }  Let’s see … Two beauteous Rebecca Minkoff bags from jimbean.  A 10ft, solid PINK, leather single tail/ bullwhip and Catwoman CosPlay gear from garebear.  Still, a_slave was honored to foot the bill for a lofty Labor Day shopping spree and happy to carry My virtual bags.  I quickly spent 1k+,  click, click, clicking away !  I acquired some kick ass art pieces, three new area rugs, some sassy throw pillows, and new linens for the boudoir.   It is a palpable pleasure to remote control, My slaves, barely lifting a finger and pulling their purse strings with naught but My divine presence.  ???

Fan-mail FAQ ?? :

“Just a quick email inquiring if a sub, who cannot afford to tribute like Your favourites on Your blog tribute, can he still tribute You something in the region of a 100 or would he be wasting Your time?”

Let Me be clear.

No tribute earns you no attention. ? A small tribute moderately validates your existence. ? Similarly, a large tribute sets you apart from the masses and allows Me to notice you.  ??  So no, minimum tribute like a single Benji, wouldn’t be a waste of My time. { they do stack so wonderfully ✨?✨ }  However, if you have some expectation of Me, for your bitty buck, guess again. ?? you are not paying for a service; you are offering tribute.  And as with many things in life, when considering tribute(s) – ? Bigger is Always BETTER !

That said, I’ve started to create opportunities for the lower caste to be a part of something greater than your mediocre selves.  Positions that fulfill your life purpose and allow you to serve in a useful and consistent manner. Run My errands 
by sending gift cards for all those little things I need. {  e.g.,  Pump My gas, as I am a Woman about town.  ?⛽️.  Stock My cupboards with the finest foods, supplements, and vitamins, to keep My body a temple. ????.  And entertain Me with new films, music, and books that feed My creativity.  ??? }

I snapped a few photos during a appearance.  Who wants to have a look at those exquisite and intimate moving captures ? Who feels deserving of such an honor ?  Hmmm.  I don’t know if even My most devoted pets deserve it … after all, I have been LIVE quite a bit.  But if you continue to put Me in a generous mood with your tributes and gifts, I may send you an invite to the !

I’m about done with this nocturnal thing.  I’ve been utterly vampiric for the past month !  Staying awake all night and feeding off you weaklings !  Depleting you of the last drop.  ??
Cause      That     Drop     Is     MINE.

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